An Ode to Figa (Water Park)

Water in the pools
Water from the sky
There was nowhere in Figa
Where we could stay dry

Day 2 was better
The sun did come out
We had lots of fun
Being out and about

The currentless lazy river
And a big red slide
A dip in the mud baths
It was one wild ride

Imagination provided by Curt Taylor

Misty Mountain Hop
(an excursion in the calimani mountains)

The journey the grueling
The going was tough
But when we reached the top we couldn’t get enough

New friends we met at the top
12 apostles and an old man
Blue skies, fresh mountain air
Stetson got a really nice tan

Teamwork was abundant
As much as wild berries
Staying together
To make sure no one tarries

Great conversations and good trail mix
Learning from those more experienced about good resting tricks

Heartfelt words by Curt Taylor

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