“[A short-term missions experience with Impact Romania] is a unique experience which includes the elements of travel, service, friendship, and leadership development … with the additional, unforeseen benefit that one’s heart would break for other people in the world, thereby increasing one’s social conscience and gaining exposure to God’s heart for the world.”

Canadian teams, Pas Cu Pas staff and young adult volunteers, Impact Romania donors and supporters in Canada – together we form a community whose primary goal is to equip needy young people with a spiritual foundation, practical life skills and a heart to serve the country of Romania. The life-changing relationships that have been forming since our first trip in 2001 are creating a community of healing and restoration for hearts that have seen abandonment and abuse. Our short-term teams serve some very important functions to our Romanian ministry partners and Canadian participants alike.

How will a short term trip impact Romania?

As a short-term team member, you participate as a source of support to our Romanian ministry partners. While serving practically alongside the Pas Cu Pas staff and volunteers, we minister (and grow ourselves) emotionally and spiritually as we daily engage in the communal practices of personal sharing, praying, encouraging, and seeking reconciliation – striving to model a healthy family system for children and young adults. From Canada, many past team members continue to support and encourage their Romanian friends through correspondence, prayer, fundraisers, and in many cases, return trips. Whether it is a team of “new” or returning Canadians, the simple fact that teams consistently visit has helped encourage these vulnerable young people to explore feelings of trust and dependence without suspicion or fear.

How will a short term trip impact me?

As a short-term team member, you open yourself to the opportunity for personal development and growth. Exposure to and experience of the social and economic conditions in Romania macroscopically heightens our awareness of poverty and justice issues on a global scale. As we relate to others in physical, emotional, and spiritual need we grow in compassion, understanding, gratitude, and social responsibility. We experience encouragement, affirmation, and healing as we share and form friendships living and serving together in a diverse yet unified group. In the face of challenge, suffering and brokenness, our faith is deepened through the struggle as we process in a community seeking God.

An opportunity such as this has the capacity to broaden, deepen, re-align, and possibly even re-direct your life-long journey. We believe that a short-term missions experience should be more than just a dot on the timeline of your life…it should be the introduction to, or reflection of, an ultimately missional life.

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