Impact Romania

Impact Romania is the name given to the partnership between International Teams of Canada and our Romanian foundation, Pas Cu Pas. Our program focuses on institutionalized Romanian orphans and young adult orphans now living independently in northwest Romania.

Our mission is to value, disciple and develop Romanian orphans to grow in character and influence in their world.

We are a relational ministry that provides a consistent source of belonging, support, opportunity and growth for Romanian orphans in every aspect of their lives – emotional, social, psychological, spiritual, and physical – in accordance with 5 main objectives:

  1. Teach Jesus Christ as the foundation of life and restoration
  2. Create a supportive “culture of growth in community” for orphans
  3. Train orphans in family relationships and life skills
  4. Help orphans receive education, career training and job opportunities
  5. Encourage Romanian orphans to help other Romanian orphans
Program Directors
Bob FukumotoBob Fukumoto
Mission Development & Discipleship
[email protected]
Dina NechitaDina Nechita
Romania Operations & Development
[email protected]
Rhondi FowlerRhondi Fowler
Staff Development & Communications
[email protected]

What We Do

Currently, we are involved with approximately 300 children and youth living in Romanian state care within Bistrita-Nasaud and Cluj counties, in the Transylvania region of North-West Romania.

Our Orphan Outreach & Integration programs create opportunities to value children still in Romanian state care personally, minister to them spiritually, and facilitate the initial stages of relationship that will hopefully lead them to be involved in our in-depth discipleship community when they are older. 

While our ministry to Romanian orphans begins in the context of our Orphan Outreach & Integration programs, our hope is that some children will transition into our in-depth discipleship community in their teens – an intentional environment where we aim to grow them spiritually, support them practically, and encourage them personally & professionally. This happens within the context of our Pas Cu Pas Volunteer Community.

We are committed to the long-term support of children and young adults that have been raised in Romanian state care. For many, our community is their closest semblance of family – a place where we hope they will find belonging, build stability, experience healing and realize some restoration from their reality of abandonment, fear, hopelessness and loneliness.