Since you last heard from us, we’ve enjoyed another fantastic camp, this time with 25 youth from 5 different orphanages and group homes we are connected to. Here’s just a few things we’ve been up to:

– Bucket ball in the rain
– Sweet sweet worship
– A “Thanksgiving web” through which youth expressed what they are thankful for, including: teachers that have helped them, friends that care about them, siblings that are united and look out for each other, and even an appreciation for mathematics when no one else likes it!
– A trust fall activity during which we were taught to explore fear (it’s okay to be afraid!) and trust (people can, and will, catch you)
– A painting activity around the story of Stefan Lucian, a Romanian painter with MS who painted until his last days despite his physical deterioration, helping us to think about how we are stronger than we think in our current circumstances.

Listen to some of profound (hah) ways the Canadians described the camp:
Some great connections and opportunities to encourage these young adults in their relationships with one another!

(Exclamation points not included)

Today’s free day started off with a castle exploration, followed by an afternoon wandering Cluj and concluding with an amazing dinner with about 15 Pas cu Pas volunteers. AWESOME DAY.

Now onto to the next opportunity – a few days out in Beclean during which WE WILL (rain is on the forecast but we refuse to believe) take groups of kids to Figa water park (we have a debate going on right now about whether to make a backup plan. What constitutes faith??)

Time for some more fun!

Jenilee (on behalf of the team)

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