Summer Team

Typical Trip Details

• Two weeks in July or August
• Approx. cost is $3,500 – to be raised through personal and team fundraising efforts
• Participants are required to commit in advance to all team training meetings (usually 4 Saturdays between March and July)

The purpose of Impact Romania is to value, disciple and develop (Psalm 78:72) Romanian orphans to grow in character and influence in their world. This Canadian team will work with the staff and volunteers of our Romanian foundation Pas Cu Pas (Step by Step) to support the foundation’s ongoing ministry to Romanian children and teens living in orphanages and connected group & foster homes.

A key element of this team’s purpose is to help, equip, and empower Pas Cu Pas to provide a dynamic summer program for children and teens living in the orphanages and group & foster homes we are connected with in Romania. For many orphans, our “Camp Discovery” (a 4-day summer camp program) has been a huge highlight in their summer routine, and something they look forward to with anticipation all year-round. We’ve also now embarked on a yearly rotation of “mini-camps” that take place throughout the year, as part of our Orphan Outreach & Integration programs. These 3-day retreats are focused on experiential learning and relationship-building with small numbers of children & teens from the group and foster homes we minister to. In every way, the purpose of our summer program is always to value the children we work with while supporting and emphasizing their relationships with Pas Cu Pas in Romania.

Time is also set aside for the team to partake in tourism and cultural learning around Cluj and surrounding area.

Stayed tuned for information about the next Summer Team