This past week, 60 children and 25 staff/volunteers participated in Camp Discovery at our favourite campsite, Somesu Rece. This was one of the biggest camps we’ve held! As usual, kids participated in fun crafts, silly games, interactive songs, and team-building activities. The lessons at this session of camp were focused on increasing self-awareness and confidence in the children, and kids learned about themselves by looking at Biblical examples like Miriam, Deborah, and Joseph. On the third day of camp, everyone participated in a “water extravaganza”. This wet & wild activity went way passed the 2 hours allotted, but the kids didn’t mind at all that dinner was delayed.

As the Canadians prepare to return home this weekend, let’s continue to remember them in our prayers – that the things they learned and experienced in Romania will have a lasting impact on their lives. And likewise, let’s pray that the kids they interacted with at Camp Discovery, as well as the VBS/mini-camp, will remember the lessons learned and positive friendships made for years to come.

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