Our Canadian summer team is getting ready for an action-packed two week trip to Romania.

This July, these enthusiastic team members will be joining our Pas Cu Pas staff & volunteers to run Camp Discovery for almost 50 children living in government care. They will also be doing some outdoor adventure experiences with teenagers from group homes, and then working alongside of them to run a summer kids’ program in a small village. Get ready to hear stories and see photos of silly games, fun activities, creative crafts, and meaningful friendships.

The trip dates are July 7-22, 2017.

Here is a little blurb about this team’s training from one of the team members, Mitch:

“A little less than a month until our departure and our team has already been impacted and congealed indescribably well. Throughout the training and preparation process God has constantly provided both spiritually and financially. As our departure date soon approaches we pray and trust that our team will continue to grow in trust and honest friendship…”

To learn more about this team and support them on their trip, go to their team website.

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