Jan and I spent a great week in London and visited with 9+ former orphans, volunteers, and staff from our ministry in Romania. This was a heartwarming reunion for us all and we got to catch up on their lives. Some have permanently moved to the UK and a few are just there working for the summer. Most are doing well but a few are struggling so we tried to be an encouragement.

Camp Discovery 2016
We are right in the midst of our 4 day Camp Discovery and it is raining today! But we have had some great “indoor program” with singing, crafts, bible stories and teaching. We have also had some great food with “still warm” donuts made fresh by our cook! What a treat! Yesterday we had morning fitness work-out, more crafts and bible stories, as well as an afternoon scavenger hunt. There was also a special “Chase the candyman” game where 3 people wrapped in candy were released to be chased all over camp and then “picked apart”! The last program of the evening was the annual “showtime” where kids got to be in skits and display personal talents like dancing and singing. Overall, the orphans, volunteers and staff are having a wonderful time. We are very grateful for the opportunity to host these special children and thank you for your support of our summer program!


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