May Team 2012
Taylor Huehn, Annie Sutherland, Becky Barlow, Carly Clydesdale, Cody Lewis, David Jones-Lisser, Elizabeth Lane, James Montgomery, Jen Bonter, Kalen Orme, Kylie Donevan, Mike and Tina Barlow, Rob Fernandes, Tommy Marshall

Introducing our 2012 May Team. They will be in Romania from April 29 – May 16 and they will be running programs at our partner orphanages, special needs schools, elderly care centres, and hospitals.

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2 Responses to May Team 2012

  1. Rebekah Rogers says:

    Hey everyone!!!!

    I just wanted to let you all know that your all in my prayers and that I am so excited to see wat God has for the team well in Romania.

    Coming from Romania my self and knowing that there is a team going to showe the love that God has for use makes me feel so greatfull and happy.

    So thank you everyone for taking the time to go and I know that God is going to work in soo many differnt ways.


  2. Johnny McLean says:

    Hi There I Just Wanted To Thank You All Your Work You Are Doing In To Romania
    Miss U Guys Alot
    Keep Up The Good Work