Christmas Team 2011 at the airport

The Christmas team have all arrived safely in Romania. 5 of the team members left on Nov 30 to join Erin Fukumoto who had already arrived and was waiting with the volunteers for the rest of the team. They will bring joy to 4 orphanages, one special needs school and 2 elderly care centers over a period of 9 days. They will distribute over 400 Christmas “bags of basics” which include t-shirt, underwear, socks and towel as well as fruit and a gift. The team of about 20 (in total) will also sing songs, do Christmas drama and stories, and provide nutritious food. Thank-you for your support and continued prayer for the team!

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One Response to Christmas team trip begins

  1. Cathy Nixon says:

    Blessings to you guys! Hugs to the kids and volunteers. Prayers are with you. Wish I was there! I loved the 2009 trip.