Greetings again from Romania!

So far I have been involved in:

  • over 20 hours of meetings with Dorin and Monica
  • 3 weekly Bible studies
  • meeting with Dina
  • road trips to: Viseu De Sus, Sighet Maramatiei, Targu Mures, Beclean & Ilisua
  • working on some language study through a program that Rhondi & Jon Fowler and I were doing together along with a Romanian tutor

I am also doing some reading, personal study & journaling. We have realized that the purchase of land for a ministry center would be pre-mature at this point as we have a lot of work to do in establishing the program and our system of leadership development and discipleship.

As mentioned in the last update my main objectives in coming to Romania are:

  1. to help establish the “spiritual community of support for our orphan volunteers”.
  2. to have meetings with Dorin and Monica for spiritual and professional growth
  3. to upgrade language skills.
  4. to further research the possibility of a land purchase where we would build a “Ministry Center”.

Bible studies have been going well. We have been doing a “Christianity 101” Bible study on Thursday nights studying the book “Purpose Driven Life” which has lots of scripture on each page. Crina, Petronela, Pardi, Stela, Sorin are regulars and is led by Dorin.

I have led a “leadership Bible Study” on Sunday nights. Dorin, Emi, Monica, Alexandra Cupar, Roxy, and Dina have been regulars.

There is also a Bible reading group (Tuesday) and prayer meeting (Wednesday).

We had a great “program day” at Ilisua on Saturday with 10 volunteers helping out (picture below)

My prayer requests remain the same as before:

  • spiritual discipline, protection & growth
  • spirit led wisdom in leading, teaching and counseling
  • clarity in direction
  • personal Bible & language study

Dorin and I will be going (Monday Nov. 1) for a visit down to historic “Alba Iulia” to see a soccer game. Thanks for reading this!

Bob in Romania

Ilisua Oct 2010

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